Political & Mortgage Whirlwind

Political whirlwind:

1. Increasing taxes on the wealthy

2. Implementing a universal healthcare system

3. Raising the minimum wage

4. Closing corporate tax loopholes

5. Investing in renewable energy sources

6. Reforming the criminal justice system

7. Strengthening gun control laws

8. Protecting the environment

9. Improving public education

10. Creating jobs through infrastructure investment

Mortgage whirlwind:

1. Shopping for the best mortgage rate

2. Understanding different types of mortgages

3. Calculating the total cost of a mortgage

4. Applying for a mortgage pre-approval

5. Submitting a mortgage application

6. Gathering required documents

7. Completing the loan application process

8. Negotiating with lenders

9. Obtaining a home appraisal

10. Closing on the loan and signing the paperwork

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