Peterborough City Council to Re-implement Former Licensing Scheme

The city of Peterborough is set to re-implement a former licensing scheme that was in place for many years. This scheme, which was originally implemented in the 1970s, was designed to regulate the sale and consumption of alcohol in the city. The new scheme will be similar to the old one, but with some important changes.

The new scheme will require all premises selling alcohol to obtain a license from the council. This license will be valid for three years and will need to be renewed every three years. The license will also require the premises to adhere to certain conditions, such as not selling alcohol to minors, not serving alcohol after certain times, and not serving alcohol in certain areas.

The new scheme is intended to help reduce the number of alcohol-related incidents in the city. It is hoped that by having a licensing scheme in place, it will help to ensure that alcohol is consumed responsibly and that premises are held accountable for any breaches of the regulations.

The new scheme has been welcomed by many in the city, as it is seen as a way of helping to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour. It is also hoped that it will help to create a safer environment for people to enjoy when they visit the city.

The council has also said that it will be working with local businesses to ensure that they understand the requirements of the licensing scheme and that they are able to comply with them. This is an important step in ensuring that the scheme is successful and that it helps to make Peterborough a safer and more enjoyable place to visit.

Overall, the re-implementation of the former licensing scheme in Peterborough is seen as a positive step forward for the city. It is hoped that it will help to reduce alcohol-related incidents and create a safer environment for everyone who visits or lives in the city.

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