Paymentshield Offers Referral Program for Financial Advisers

Paymentshield Offers Referral Program for Financial Advisers

Financial advisers are always looking for new ways to increase their income and grow their business. One of the most effective methods is to offer referral programs to their clients. Paymentshield, a leading provider of financial protection products, has recently launched a referral program that allows financial advisers to earn additional income by referring clients to their services.

The Paymentshield referral program is designed to reward financial advisers for their efforts in helping clients protect their finances. When a financial adviser refers a client to Paymentshield, they will receive a commission for each policy sold. This commission is based on the type of policy sold and the amount of coverage purchased. Paymentshield also offers additional incentives such as bonus payments and rewards for referring multiple clients.

The referral program is easy to use and requires no additional paperwork or effort from the financial adviser. All they have to do is provide their clients with a unique referral code that can be used when purchasing a Paymentshield policy. Once the policy is purchased, the financial adviser will receive their commission.

Paymentshield’s referral program is an excellent way for financial advisers to increase their income and grow their business. Not only will they be able to earn additional income from referring clients, but they will also be helping their clients protect their finances with quality products from Paymentshield.

For more information about Paymentshield’s referral program, financial advisers should contact their local Paymentshield representative or visit the company’s website. With this program, financial advisers can easily increase their income and help their clients protect their finances.

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