Landbay Launches New Product with Up to 14bps Reduction in 2-Year Rates for Landlords

Landbay Launches New Product with Up to 14bps Reduction in 2-Year Rates for Landlords

Landbay, a leading UK-based peer-to-peer lending platform, has recently launched a new product that promises to reduce two-year rates for landlords by up to 14bps. This new product is designed to make it easier for landlords to access competitively priced mortgages, while also providing them with the flexibility to manage their finances more effectively.

The new product, called Landbay Plus, is a two-year fixed rate mortgage that offers landlords a reduction of up to 14bps compared to other products on the market. This reduction is achieved through Landbay’s innovative technology, which allows them to offer a more competitive rate than traditional lenders. Landbay Plus also offers landlords the flexibility to switch to a variable rate at any point during the two-year period, giving them the ability to adjust their mortgage payments in line with their changing financial circumstances.

In addition to the reduced two-year rates, Landbay Plus also offers landlords the security of a fixed rate for the duration of the loan. This means that landlords can be confident that their mortgage payments will remain the same for the full two-year period, allowing them to budget more effectively and plan for the future.

The launch of Landbay Plus is part of Landbay’s commitment to providing landlords with access to competitively priced mortgages. Landbay is constantly innovating and developing new products and services to meet the needs of landlords, and this new product is just one example of how they are striving to make the process of accessing mortgages easier and more affordable.

Landbay Plus is currently available to landlords in England and Wales, and is expected to be rolled out to other regions in the near future. Landlords interested in taking advantage of this new product should contact Landbay directly for more information.

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