Gloucestershire Village to Receive New Homes from Acorn Development

Residents of the Gloucestershire village of Southrop are set to benefit from a new housing development that will bring much-needed homes to the area. Acorn Development, a leading property developer, has announced plans to build a new residential development in the village.

The development will consist of a mix of two, three and four-bedroom homes, all of which will be built to the highest standards. The homes will be energy-efficient and feature modern fixtures and fittings. The development will also include a range of communal amenities, such as a children’s play area and a community garden.

The new development is part of Acorn Development’s commitment to providing high-quality housing in rural areas. The company has a long history of working with local authorities and communities to ensure that its developments are well-designed and fit in with the local area.

The new development in Southrop is expected to bring a range of benefits to the village. It will provide much-needed housing for local residents, as well as creating new jobs during the construction phase. It is also expected to boost the local economy, as it will attract new businesses and visitors to the area.

The new development is part of Acorn Development’s ongoing commitment to providing quality housing in rural areas. The company is dedicated to creating sustainable and attractive developments that benefit both local communities and the environment. This new development in Southrop is just one example of how Acorn Development is working to improve the lives of people living in rural areas.

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