Gerald Ratner to Speak at Propertymark Event

Gerald Ratner to Speak at Propertymark Event

Gerald Ratner, the former CEO of the Ratner Group, is set to speak at a Propertymark event this month. Ratner is a highly successful businessman who has experienced both the highs and lows of the business world.

Ratner rose to fame in the early 1990s when he took over the Ratner Group, a jewelry business founded by his father. Under his leadership, the company grew to become one of the largest jewelry retailers in the UK. However, in 1991, Ratner made a speech in which he famously referred to one of his company’s products as “total crap”. This comment caused a public outcry and resulted in the company’s share price plummeting. Ratner was eventually forced to resign from the company and it was later sold off.

Despite this setback, Ratner has gone on to become a successful entrepreneur and business advisor. He has written several books on business and entrepreneurship and regularly speaks at events around the world. At the upcoming Propertymark event, Ratner will be sharing his experiences and insights on how to succeed in business. He will also be discussing how to avoid making mistakes like he did with the Ratner Group.

The event is sure to be an inspiring and informative experience for all attendees. Ratner’s story is an example of how one mistake can have a huge impact on a business, but also how it is possible to recover from such a setback. Those interested in attending the event should register soon as space is limited.

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