Adam Evetts Appointed as New CEO of Tipton and Coseley Following Richard Newton’s Departure

Adam Evetts Appointed as New CEO of Tipton and Coseley Following Richard Newton's Departure

Adam Evetts has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of Tipton and Coseley following the departure of Richard Newton. This announcement comes after a long and successful tenure from Newton, who had been with the company for over 10 years.

Adam Evetts is no stranger to the company, having been with Tipton and Coseley for over five years in various positions. He has been instrumental in the growth of the company during this time, and has a deep understanding of the business and its customers.

Evetts is an experienced business leader, having held various executive positions in the past. He has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of finance, operations, and customer service. He has also been involved in numerous strategic initiatives that have helped the company grow and expand.

Evetts is excited to take on the role of CEO and is looking forward to continuing the success of Tipton and Coseley. He believes that his experience and expertise will help the company reach new heights. He is committed to providing excellent customer service and ensuring that the company remains competitive in the market.

The appointment of Adam Evetts as CEO of Tipton and Coseley is a positive step forward for the company. His experience and knowledge will be invaluable in helping the company continue to grow and succeed. With Evetts at the helm, Tipton and Coseley is sure to remain a leader in its industry for years to come.

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